Monday, October 4, 2010


Star-bust Mirror Wall Art

RM 299

Code Item: T 6574

  • Wall Mirror
  • Star-bust Design
  • Silverstone discs
Overall Dimension:
  • 24" H x 24" Wx 1" D

Antique Sun-bust Mirror Wall Art

RM 289

Code Item: T 8379

  • Wall mirror
  • Antique silver finish
Overall dimensions:
  • 36" H x 36" W

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Candle Light Wall Sculpture

Code Item: H 7655
RM 199

Made from hand forged metal, this decorative wall sculpture is also a wall sconce finished in rust brown. Antiqued candles included.


  • Siam candle light wall sculpture
  • Designed by Billy Moon
  • Rust brown finish
  • Antiqued candles are included
  • Overall dimensions: 48" H x 48" W x 5" D

Textured Metal Wall

Code Item: H 5638
RM 159

Mirrored Wall Art

Code Item: H 3894
RM 199

Mirrored Wall Art are made of dozens of glittering mirrors attached to moveable wires. Arrange them to catch the light, room and the eye of anyone who walks into the room.The Small Mirrored Op Wall Art comes in a round shape, good as a foyer's centerpiece or along with others in a bundle.


  • Dozens of circular shape mirrors
  • Moveable wires so you can arrange the mirrors any way you like
  • Round shape makes it easy to fit on any wall
  • Dimensions: 25" in diameter
  • Also available in 52" H x 30" W size

Monday, September 13, 2010


ArtMax Modern Wall Art

Code Item: H 8756
RM 159

  • Wall art
  • Metal construction
  • Handmade
  • Three dimensional
  • Overall dimensions: 56" H x 34" W x 2.5" D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

3D Tree Sculptures

Autumn Memories Metal Wall Sculpture
Code Item: T 7782
RM 99

  • Decorative wall sculpture
  • Easy to mount
  • Dimensions: 36.5" H x 39.5" W x 0.75" D

Special Features:

  • Wrought iron construction
  • Rich green, orange, and red coloring
  • Charming autumn leaves design
  • Instantly enliven any wall or hallway
  • Perfect to accent any space
Reflection Tree Metal Wall Sculpture
Code Item: T 1538
RM 98

  • Decorative wall sculpture
  • Easy to mount
  • Dimensions: 37" H x 39.25" W x 1.25" D

Special Features:

  • Wrought iron construction
  • Luscious green leaves
  • Charming reflection tree design
  • Instantly enliven any wall or hallway
  • Perfect to accent any space

Abstract Cherry Blossom Wall Sculpture
Code Item: T 2635
RM 89


A beautiful Japanese cherry blossom tree is given a touch of flair with the addition of abstract rectangular panels in a modern styling. The vivid use of color really shines with the gold, copper, and silver finishes that combine in this piece. Add this lovely modern wall sculpture to your home for an updated look.

  • Hand crafted
  • A mix of modern art with traditional Japanese symbols
  • Polished metal panels
  • No assembly required
  • Overall dimensions: 26.5" H x 37.5" W x 3.25" D

Abstract Wall Art 3D

Code Item: W1656
RM 199

Code Item: W 1735
RM 129

Code Item: W 1435
RM 199

  • Decorative wall art
  • Constructed of metal
  • Multiple colors
  • Overall dimensions: 27.5" H x 42" W x 2.875" D

Special Features:

  • Exquisite abstract art decor
  • Unique distorted grid
  • Bright color schemes
  • Effortlessly spice up your home
  • Perfect way to quickly change the feel of any room!
  • Will sure to match all home collection
Note: Wall brackets can be placed on top or bottom of art to hang wall art uniquely and allowing for a flipped version of the image!